Greg Gans Photo

Greg Gans is a lightcatcher with a camera. He photographs landscapes and designs collages of various images for poetic landscapes of the imagination. He spent many hours wandering in the woods and in his imagination as a boy. He was born to make images.

Starting professionally in 1973 he has worked in various capacities as a film editor, videographer and editor, collage artist and portrait studio photographer. He has been employed in other fields but always made pictures to create, to transcend and connect with others. His style has changed overtime; his digital pictures create a mood, move your emotions, and picture a place for meditation or provoke thought. In 1998 with the purchase of his first Macintosh and Corel Draw Paint software and later Photoshop a new level of manipulation and recreating opened up similar to editing film or painting. Greg searches to "catch the Light"; in early hours of hill climbing, late hours in falling snow, knee deep in mud, or pools of water he finds the hues and composition. He never gets tired of the pleasure a stranger gets from enjoying his photographs. Stay awhile and see!

His work is in personal collections and places like Anthology Film Archives and Carnegie Museum of Art Film Section in Pgh., PA. His fine art photographs have won awards at the Bryn Mawr Art Ability shows since 2009 and the Chester County Art Association.

If interested in purchasing any of these contact him at:
"Summit" PA Grand Canyon, Potter County